Every few years, the Museums Computer Group runs a survey to deepen and quantify our understanding of the sector. This year, we’re focusing on the challenges and opportunities currently faced by people working with technology in museums and the heritage sector. The results of this survey will be shared via our discussion list, website and social media, and will also help the refreshed Committee get started after our annual general meeting.
The survey has four sections – about you and your organisation, a snapshot of activities in the sector, some questions to reflect on and share your experience, and finally, ‘the MCG and you’, where we’re seeking to understand what works well, what needs tweaking and where we should focus our efforts.
We’ve found the survey takes 7-10 minutes to complete. So we can present the preliminary results at our conference on November 3rd, we’re asking for responses by Tuesday, October 31.
Please share your hard-won wisdom and experience, and help us (and others) understand the challenges and opportunities ahead: the survey form is below, or at https://goo.gl/forms/bqzvv1a0bukfCC9F2