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Offer a venue

Join organisations like the British Museum, the Wellcome Collection, Natural History Museum, V&A and more in offering a venue for our annual conference. Hosting institutions benefit from closer links with staff in other institutions, get some free tickets for their staff, and have an opportunity to show off their latest projects.

Sponsor an event

Sponsorship helps us keep event costs down, and helps you reach key decision-makers in museums. We’ve had some fabulous sponsors in the past, and we’d love to hear from potential new sponsors. Drop us a line and our Treasurer will get back to you shortly.

Join the Museums+Tech Programme Committee

The role of the Programme Committee (PC) is to give feedback on or provide ideas for our theme; to help spread the word about the conference; to suggest suitable related speakers, projects or organisations; and to help review abstracts from a small open Call for Papers.

We know everyone is busy so we have a simple voting system for presentations. Based on the submitted abstracts and and related information, PC member simply rate each as Must have; Nice to have; Ok or Not suitable.

We’re always keen to hear from those new to the sector as well as those with decades of experience with museum technologies. If you’re interested in joining the Programme Committee for our next event, get in touch.

Assessing proposals

Our key goal is an interesting day with a good mix of speakers. We aim for an overall balance of diversity in topics, speakers, institutions and approaches when putting the final programme together. We particularly value the following aspects of proposals:

  • relevance to theme
  • general relevance to Museums+Tech audiences (e.g. people who work in or around museums, audiences and technology)
  • we’re keen to hear from first time presenters and/or small museums (as long as the quality is good)
  • we’re keen to hear about innovative projects (the innovation might lie in their attitude or approach as well as in tech choices)
  • being honest about the realities of the project (including any failures) rather than a sales pitch goes over particularly well with MCG audiences
  • papers that haven’t been given before are preferred (some of our audience will have already seen presentations that have already been on the museum conference circuit)

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