How to Search the MCG List

How to Search the MCG List

Fostering conversations on the overlap of digital technologies and museum practice since 1998, the Museums Computer Group JISC Mailing List offers a wealth of information for researchers, practitioners and anyone else interested in relating subjects.

Searching the MCG List

By searching through the MCG List, one can retrieve all relevant discussions on a given topic, such as “Virtual Tours”, or “Ticketing”.

1. To search the list, go to MCG’s Archive Search. Quickest way to navigate to this page from elsewhere:

    1. Search for “MCG List” on the search engine of your preference.
    2. In the “Search Archives” box on the right, click “Advanced Options”. You may need to resize your browser window to make it more wider for the “Search Archives” box to appear.

2. Type your topic of interest in the “String” field and click the “Search” button as shown below:

MCG Search Archive guide

That’s it! Relevant discussions will come up sorted by recency.


  • If you use the Search box on the right, results may come up in a different order (i.e. not showing the most recent discussions first), so it is advisable to use the Archive Search instead. The date appears on the top right corner of each post in the search results (You may need to resize your window to make it wider for the date to appear).
  • To find the number of posts for a given discussion, search using the “Subject” of one of the responses, e.g. “360° Virtual Tours”. The number of posts for this topic will appear in the parentheses; which in this case is 19:

search archive find number of posts

  • To find the number of posts for more abstract subjects (i.e. fewer, more generic terms), use as a search phrase the subject of one of the responses instead, to include the “Re: ” prefix; then to the number of matches add 1, to also count in the original post.

If you need any help searching the MCG List archive, or if you have any feedback and/or suggestions for this guide, please get in touch!

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