We are currently updating how we manage MCG membership to make it easier to keep track of members, and for members to update their details with us as they move jobs or change emails.

We’re currently emailing everyone on our membership registry about this and asking them to add their details to our new list – so if you haven’t received an email it may be that you are not a member (or we have you listed with an old email address). In that case maybe you would like to become a member?

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Membership of MCG is a step up from joining in our jiscmail discussion list, which is open to everyone (as is membership).

Individual MCG membership is free, and entitles you to discounted registration for our conferences, and the opportunity to steer the direction of the group through participation in our Annual General Meeting (AGM) or by joining our Committee.

We are now using Mailchimp to manage membership, which means you will also be able to manage your membership details from the sign-up form on our website if you move jobs or change email addresses. But don’t worry, we won’t start sending you stacks of emails! If you would like to receive emails about things like upcoming events, you can select this option while you are managing your membership.

We would like to encourage as many people as possible to from a member, as having a large, broad and varied membership gives MCG the mandate to work on behalf of the sector, and demonstrates your commitment to developing your skills and broadening your horizons, no matter what your role in the museum technology field.

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