Annual General Meeting 2011

25 November 2011, Imperial War Museum

Meeting Notes of the 2010 AGM

The meeting notes of the 2010 AGM at the Museum of London on 26th November 2010 were accepted as correct.

Apologies for absence

Apologies for absence were received from John Williams

Report from the Chair

Ross reported this would be his last year as Chair of the MCG and that the MCG committee were unanimously recommending that Mia Ridge take over as chair.

There being no other candidates Mia was unanimously elected to the Chair.

Finance Report

Angus reported that the financial situation of the group was good.

Communications, Events and Personal Development

Reports were received from each of the major areas of work.


Ross formally handed the Chair to Mia who thanked him for all his work with the MCG committee firstly as Archivist and then as Chair. Mia presented Ross with a small present to thank him.

The following were elected members of the committee Rhiannon Loosely, Gemma Sturtridge, Linda Spurdle, Angelina Russo, Adrian Stevenson, Oonagh Murphy, Emma McLean, Dafydd James & David Little.

Mia invited members of the committee to join her on the stage and introduced them.

MCG Committee 2011


Mia Ridge: to 2014

Ordinary and Seconded Members

Rhiannon Looseley: to 2014

Gamma Sturtridge: to 2014

Linda Spurdle: to 2014

Angelina Russo: to 2014

Denise Drake: to 2014

Carolyn Royston: to 2014

Adrian Stevenson: to 2014

Oonagh Murphy: to 2014

Emma McLean: to 2014

Dafydd James: to 2014

David Little: to 2014


Angus Kneale: to 2002


John Williams: to 2012

Any other business

There was no other business and the meeting was closed.