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The MCG is for technologists, curators, educators, marketers and more in and around museums. Posts and event news by Mia (Chair) and the Comms team

  • We're grateful to the UKMW15 Programme Committee, who are finalising their reviews over the next week http://t.co/hCC8CtAL45
  • This month on http://t.co/AxUmZ239XK - jobs and events galore, novel collections interfaces, Google Earth, ecommerce software, analytics...
  • @DianeDrubay hello! @Culture24 have taken Let's Get Real internationally, and @UK_ICOM were looking at international work
  • Get your paper proposal in for this year's annual conference @britishmuseum on 26 October, deadline noon tomorrow! http://t.co/hCC8Ctj9Fv
  • Want a chance to share what you've been working on with colleagues in the sector? Propose a paper for our conference http://t.co/hCC8Ctj9Fv

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