[In this series of posts, Gemma’s been ‘live blogging’ from the MCN 2010 conference, ‘I/O: The Museum Inside-Out/Outside-In’ in Austin, Texas. The nature of live blogging means her notes are necessarily hurried, but she’s posting so that MCGers who can’t be at the conference can still follow along with the conference from the UK. You can also follow the conference on twitter with the hashtag #MCN2010.]

Keynote 28/10 Larry Johnson
New media consortium midea.nmc.org

1 Tech has no meaning:
Specific techs are interesting eg GIS not generic term of ‘tech’

2 keyboards are for old people
Mobiles, what is a mob. Unphone, projected onto hand so gesture based computing. Devices we use converging to a v small footprint.
Not one company working on next generation keyboard cos thats not what we’ll b using.

3 the network is us
Currently 5bn active cell phone accounts,  world population is 6.7bn
Google tv
We still gather around tv shows, not as a family round tv, but online eg commenting on youtube, watching and discussing together

4 the network is everywhere
By 2015 80%of ppl who go online anywhere in world will b thru a mobile device. (Ericsson phone manufacturer) this is currently true in Japan.  Start carrying mifis to be connected.
Cell phone network expanding diff to networks which r made up of wires. In Qatar mobile cell twrs. Countries coming in later, skip wired networks and straight to mobiles. 1/3 pop of Africa have mobiles.

Post smartphones: faster, more powerful. Greed is keeping networks slow at the moment.
Voice recognition supercedes keyboard interfaces
What should we do different? Tech not answer to every question, is part of our world.  Which tech advances in society eg social networking. Ones which make sense to pick up are the ones which will further your institution’s mission.  Pay attention to whats going on in the world.
Can’t move museums onto web, needs to be an AND not an OR. Lose something on web, scale, perspective, context. 
TV, books and music have been eaten by the web. Future isn’t second life, but its in the browser.