It made my day to see our fabulous community of email discussion list members mentioned in the Audience Agency’s Katie Moffat’s ‘Digital Snapshot’ newsletter:

The Museums Computer Group has an email discussion group that frequently throws up valuable insights, for example, this discussion about how museums (and other arts orgs) can work with influencers. Related aside: I highly recommend their annual tech conference, there is always a great list of speakers.

Thanks to all our posters for their questions and responses that help so many people in the sector learn from their peers. With over 1700 members and posts dating back to 1998, the MCG discussion list archives are a great place to start if you’ve got a question about technology in museums. Topics discussed in the last six weeks alone include: Bringing collections together, Digital Archives and Archaeology, intranets, eCommerce / Shopify, games in libraries, social media influencers, ticketing and membership systems, support for old web browsers, contactless donation, VR on a budget, maintaining gallery interactives, 3D digitisation, crowdsourcing, Minecraft, manuscript digitisation, and managing a rebrand.

If your question hasn’t already been answered, just subscribe to post and start a new topic!

Speaking of our annual ‘Museums+Tech’ conference – over half the tickets are already sold, so get moving if you don’t want to miss an excellent day at the IWM in November.