We always like to offer something a bit special when our events are held in a museum. This year you can explore Wellcome’s permanent galleries or check out Bedlam: the asylum and beyond. Or you can go behind the scenes for a tour of one of the Internet Archive’s 33 book scanning centres and see how they’re ‘saving Human Knowledge at 800 Pages an Hour‘.

Since 2013 the Internet Archive’s team at Wellcome Library have been operating ‘Scribe’ book cradles, each capable of digitising over 25,000 images per week – that’s over 18 million images to-date. The current focus is to digitise the remainder of the Wellcome Library’s 20th Century books, and their holdings of the Medical Officer of Health reports from the whole of the UK.

There will be two tours on a ‘first-come, first served’ basis, each strictly limited to 25 people, at 1pm and 1:30pm.

Stay tuned for instructions on where to meet Chris, who’ll be your guide.