Annual General Meeting 2010

26 November 2010, Museum of London

Minutes of the 2009 AGM

The minutes of the 2009 AGM at the V&A Wednesday 2nd December 2009 were accepted as a true record

Apologies for absence

Apologies for absence were received from Mike Ellis, Dave Patten, Linda Spurdle & Angus Kneale.

Report from the Chair

Ross reported that MCG had seen a number of changes over the last year. Our new constitution defined several new classes of membership allowing people to choose either loose or tight connections with the group and offered the opportunity to develop the services we offered members.

Our new graphic identity and the image and brand it supports have been broadly welcomed by members. It establishes MCG as a professional group with its roots firmly in the academic sector with the ability – a result of its wide membership base – to draw from the academic and commercial sector as well.

Ross thanked Flow Associates for the workshop they ran to help us focus on our core values and develop the new MCG identity.

Finance Report

In the absence of the treasurer the secretary presented the accounts for 31DEC2009.

Income of £2129 had been balanced against spending of £6471 – mainly on meetings – with the result that our funds had reduced to £3199. The group was moving to a new funding model whereby the costs of meetings would be better balanced so meetings were expected to cost the group less in the future.

Secretary’s Report

The secretary reported that the new membership levels were currently about 120 comprising in the main of delegates attending UKMW10 and online applications. Corporate membership was still small but it was hoped this would increase as we found ways of providing simpler payment methods.

Some further changes to the constitution were proposed to clarify the status of MCG as a non-profit organisation and better define purpose. There were also some changes to the schedules to update committee membership roles and other typographical corrections. The proposed changes had been up on the MCG site.

The meeting agreed the changes to the Constitution.


Mia commented that the changes to the web site seem to have been well received especially the regular blog series. MCG’s intention was to give people a platform to develop ideas and share experience and we were always looking for new people to submit blogs for the site.


Gemma reported on a very successful year for events. The spring meeting at the Birmingham Archives and UKMW09 at the V&A were both well received. On behalf of the Group she thanked everyone involved for all the work they had put into make our event work well. Gemma especially thanked the host organisations and their representatives. Their help and support was invaluable.


Ross explained that the MCG committee was now organised into the several sections consisting of three specialist sections, Communications, Events and Projects and Research supported by an Executive and Administrative group consisting of the Chair, Treasurer and Secretary.

Ross noted that Linda Ellis had decided to stand down from the committee and thanked her for her help and support.

No elections were required so the following nominated members were voted to the committee.

Denise Drake (Proposed Angelina Russo/Seconded –Mia Ridge),
Mike Ellis (Gordon McKenna/Angela Murphy)
Mia Ridge (Gemma Sturtridge/Robert Bud)

Following a short discussion inviting members who missed to join the committee Carolyn Royston offered to stand, was seconded by Ross Parry, and voted onto the committee.

MCG Committee 2010


Ross Parry: to 2011

Ordinary and Seconded Members

Rhiannon Looseley: to 2011

Dave Patten: to 2011

Gamma Sturtridge: to 2011

Linda Spurdle: to 2011

Angelina Russo: to 2011

Mia Ridge: to 2011

Denise Drake: to 2013

Carolyn Royston: to 2013



Angus Kneale: to 2002


John Williams: to 2012

Any other business

There was no other business and the meeting was closed.