At UK Museums and the Web I suggested and the floor agreed that we should do something to support museums and other institutions facing cuts.  Below is the statement I suggested we authored as a community which institutions can use  in any advocacy campaigns they may be mounting. 

It needs your input so PLEASE edit/comment/amend by 31st Dec 2010 so we can have the final version ready in January.

“Members of the Museums Computer Group feel strongly that digital cultural heritage must be protected alongside access to the physical provision of cultural heritage.  Digital can never be a substitute for experiencing the real thing and we want to protect the organisations which create content and care for these objects.

Access to digital heritage allows for the creation of resources, development of collections and greater exploration of collections by a wider geographical audience.

Technology in cultural heritage institutions is used to share data and information about collections.  It provides opportunities for learning outside the classroom on site and remotely.  It also facilitates work with hard to reach community groups.

Collections are enriched through:

Better documentation, digitised information and images.  Objects and records benefit from digital preservation.

To lose these services would be detrimental to the UK’s cultural heritage sector.  Funders must accept responsibility for the wider implications of cutting these budgets for both current and future generations.”