Safe space / event code of conduct policy

Safe space / event code of conduct policy

The Museums Computer Group (MCG) organises events for the benefit of its members and the wider museum and technology sectors. It is important to the MCG that everyone can enjoy and participate in these events in a safe and respectful space, and this Code of Conduct outlines our policies and approach to conduct and behaviour during Museums+Tech conferences.

Museums+Tech Conference

The MCG works actively to connect, support and inspire its members, through a diverse, welcoming, and inclusive community of museum technology practitioners and scholars.

To ensure that Museums+Tech is a safe, respectful, and collegial conference we ask that all attendees abide by the following policy:

Participants are encouraged to respect and celebrate cultural and linguistic differences, and to be mindful of the diverse nature of our community in preparing presentations (see also our Guidance for Speakers) and engaging in conversation (see also our Discussion List Guidelines).

The conference should remain a harassment- and intimation-free environment. The organisers will not accept harassment of any form including (but not limited to) comments or behaviour based on race, religion, ethnicity, language, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, physical or cognitive ability, age, physical appearance, education or other group status.

Please respect people’s pronouns. If you are unfamiliar with people using they/them pronouns, you can find a guide at

If you act or speak in a way that someone thinks is inappropriate, it is inappropriate to that time, place, and person. If somebody tells you that you are making them uncomfortable, you must stop making them uncomfortable; it is not acceptable behaviour to tell someone who is uncomfortable that they are wrong to feel that way.

Participants who are asked to stop harassment or unacceptable behaviour are expected to do so immediately.  Anyone violating these rules may be expelled from the event at the discretion of the event organisers; no refund will be given in such a case.

What to do if you have any concerns

Please contact an organiser immediately if you have any concerns for your own wellbeing or those of fellow attendees, or have any other concerns.


The online platform administrator (which will host online elements of Museums+Tech) is the best first point of contact, though any member of the MCG Committee should be able to help.

In person

MCG Committee member Russell Stearman is the designated first point of contact for in-person conduct issues.

Organisers will strive to help anyone experiencing harassment to feel safe for the duration of the event.

We hope you enjoy the conference.

The MCG Committee
July 2023

This text draws on codes of conduct written for the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations, and for Feral Vector, both used with thanks.

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