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Our events provide a forum for discussion between anyone working or interested in museum technologies.  They are a chance to catch up with old friends, put faces to names and to be inspired by the latest projects and research in museum technology and digital heritage.

What do people say about our events?

‘if you don’t like working with moving targets, digital is probably not the place for you’ @CassieLouise laying some truth at #UKMW15

As long as technology moves as fast as Mercury, museums will need the MCG to help them catch up’ – Holly Parsons

‘Diverse and exciting talks […] What I really liked was Rebecca’s acknowledgment of the challenges and the methods she had used to help overcome them’ – University of Cambridge Museums

‘wonderful and inspiring’ – Nicole Cama

‘The day was good value for money, had a great location – both for being in the middle of a great museum and having good facilities, and was well planned time wise.  I met some lovely people who gave me helpful suggestions of contacts to make and technologies to try, and learned so much I need more hours in the day to look over my notes and try out the projects discussed!’ – Linda Logan, Culture and Crafts

‘A full-on intense day, very rich in insights and amazing sharing of experiences, was crowned by a wonderful slow-paced closing keynote by Ross Parry’ – Kasia Kwiatkowska

‘engaging and well-planned’ – Alex Moseley

‘an excellent opportunity to network with colleagues who have a similar interest in how we can make the best use of new digital technologies and platforms as part of our core museums work.’ –  Jessica Suess, Oxford APSIRE

‘It’s definitely not all about high technology, jargon and impenetrable digital concepts,” said Ross Parry, lecturer in digital heritage at Leicester. “But we do try to layer the day, with a mix of quality speakers who explore new ideas and new technology in thoughtful ways. Expect to be challenged by some of this, but there’s also plenty that will be accessible to the rest of us too.’ – Dr. Ross Parry

Our past events

Delegates photo

Delegates at UKMW2007 © Jon Pratty/Culture24

We’ve hosted meetings for museum technology professionals since 1982. The inaugural UK Museums on the Web conference was held at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, in November 2001. It became an annual highlight in the UK museum sector in 2004. Reflecting the changes within museums, these days our remit reaches beyond the web to any public-facing digital technology.

More information about some events is available at Archived Events.  Please let us know if we’ve missed any events.


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