This recent article by Martha Henson – Stop wasting money on digital projects if you aren’t prepared to promote them properly – attracted a lot of support from the cultural heritage sector and beyond. We’ve all been in similar situations, it seems: devoting staff time and money to creating new digital projects, resources, apps and websites which we know are terrific.

And then, somehow, they don’t quite land with the target audience.

Or users try our new website out, but it’s not “sticky” enough to bring them back again.

The project funding ends and our glorious digital service just sits there, because it’s no-one’s responsibility to update it and carry on marketing it.

The Museums Computer Group’s digital sustainability conference on Friday 6 May focuses on making our digital projects sustainable in the long term, sharing the learning across our teams and integrating it into our everyday workflow, and improving our digital offer in the future.

Photo from event

MCG community discussion

It’s a small, friendly and supportive day up at the Hospitium in York. Digital strategy expert Charlotte Sexton is our keynote speaker on ‘Life post-launch: How to tackle a digital hangover’.

MCG events are a great opportunity to connect with other people working on similar projects, to get support and advice and share best practice, while a range of emerging and eminent speakers from UK museums and heritage sites present on topics that matter, in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.Mia Ridge