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The Museums Computer Group email discussion list is an active professional community with over 1,700 members. It’s a busy and supportive forum for conversations between museum, gallery and higher education professionals about a wide range of topics relating to digital work in museum. Joining is easy, simple and free and offers access to a vast pool of expertise and wide network of professional colleagues.

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Before you post, check out the guidelines below and help us keep the posts relevant to the community. JISCmail’s Acceptable Use Policy applies to this list.

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Museums Computer Group JISCMail List Guidelines

Version 2.3, July 2017

The Museums Computer Group provides a forum for debate, discussion and sharing of information and ideas for everyone working with digital technologies in museums. One of our tools we use to connect and support our members is our JISCMail discussion list. By accessing or using our JISCMail list, you accept and agree to our guidelines. This is not a legal contract between you and the Museums Computer Group and should only be observed as a guide to conduct. If you do not accept these guidelines, you may reject them by ceasing all access and use of the Museums Computer Group JISCMail list.

You must abide by the JISCMail policies. JISCMail also suggest list etiquette. We ask that you refer to the JISCMail Acceptable Use policies for guidance on posting, particularly:

  • JISCMail does not allow spam, junk mail, chain letters or other unsolicited bulk email, commercial or otherwise, on any list
  • The posting of unsolicited commercial or advertising material is not allowed
  • Messages sent to JISCMail lists should be courteous and appropriate, and should not disrupt the flow of discussion on a list.


  • The Museums Computer Group committee has the right, but not the obligation, to regulate content and conduct by any user and to enforce these guidelines.
  • Please note that posts to the list cannot be deleted or modified once distributed to members’ accounts.
  • Disputes, concerns and feedback on these guidelines should be sent to


  • The Museums Computer Group does not control, is not responsible for and is not represented by user content.
  • You are responsible for any content that you post and are responsible for all content posted or transmitted through or by use of your account.
  • You are responsible for assessing the safety of following any external links in MCG discussion messages.
  • List members come from a huge variety of backgrounds. To reach the widest possible audience, please expand acronyms and provide short definitions for discipline-specific jargon.
  • Job, paid internship and volunteer post advertisements are permitted. We believe that internships and volunteer roles can benefit the sector and individuals, but in order to support valuable diversity in the museum sector, internships offered should meet the Museums Association guidelines for internships. You may also wish to check your position description against UCL’s Internships, Work Experience and Volunteering Policy.
  • Calls for papers and notices of conferences are permitted once or twice per event. If your conference title contains an acronym, please spell it out so that people new to it have a sense of the topic. Notices of commercially-run training and courses are permitted where they clearly meet the needs of building capacity in the sector.


  • We understand that some of our list members provide commercial services to the museum sector and that sometimes your commercial projects or services may be relevant to list discussions. Please refer to the JISCMail Acceptable Use policies above for their policies on posting and please don’t use posts to the list as an opportunity to recite your CV or your latest clients. We also ask that you don’t advertise commercial services (yours or otherwise) without invitation, by which we mean promotion of a paid-for product or service outside the context of discussions of relevant products or services.  If a user asks for examples of “product X”, you may share information about a product you are or are not affiliated with.  We understand that judgements about ‘commercial posts’ can be subjective, but as a guide, any list post should add more value to the wider membership than to a commercial entity. For example, an ad might say, ‘We’ve done a thing like [the topic being discussed], contact me to find out what we know’ where a helpful post might say ‘We’ve done a thing like [the topic being discussed], here’s what we learnt/tried…’
  • The Museums Computer Group is not responsible for user conduct. You are solely responsible for your interaction with other members of the list.
  • Please only post content only on your own behalf, and not for any third party.
  • Do not post content by any automated means. Users must post all content personally and manually.


  • Make sure you have the right to share or distribute information and content on the list which, for these purposes, should be considered public. This onus is on you and not on The Museums Computer Group.

Use of data

  • The collection of Museums Computer Group users’ personal information (including but not limited to email addresses, IP addresses and telephone numbers) is not allowed for any purpose.

By participating in the Museums Computer Group list, all users are bound by the JISCMail Acceptable Use Policy.

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