Autumn 2005 AGM Agenda


Museums Computer Group AGM – 3rd November 2005

World Museum Liverpool
Rex Makin Theatre, County Sessions House – 2.25pm


1. Minutes of the last AGM
2. Apologies for absence
3. Report from the Chair
4. Finance/Membership Report
5. Newsletter Update
6. Report from Mike Lowndes / Ross Parry, UK Museums and the Web
7. Questions from the floor
8. Elections to the Committee
9. Any other business



Current Committee Members – to 3rd November AGM, 2005

1 – Debbie Richards, Chair

2 – Stuart Mann, Secretary/Treasurer (Resigning November 2005)

3 – Mike Lowndes, Webmaster/ UK Museums on the Web

4 – Helen Walsh, Newsletter Editor (proposed)

5 – Ross Parry, Archivist

Ordinary Members:

6 – Alex Bromley (Resigning November 2005)

7 – David Dawson (nominated for re-election)

8 – Bryan Wills

AGM Elections – Committee Posts November 2005 (Proposed)

1 – Chair (no change until April 2006)
*2 – Secretary / Treasurer (nominations welcome)
3 – Webmaster/ UKMW (no change until April 2006)
*4 – Newsletter Editor (nominate Helen Walsh)
5 – Archivist (no change until April 2006)
*6 – Meetings Organiser (New Post – nominate Alex Bromley)
*7 – Ordinary Member (nominate David Dawson)
8 – Ordinary Member (no change until April 2006)
*9 – Ordinary Member (New Post – nominations welcome)

*Nominations are welcome for any of the 5 posts currently available and must be Seconded by a Group Member. Please speak to a member of the Committee beforehand if you are interested in a position, or make your nomination during the Election.

Please see the MCG Constitution for further information, available at:

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