Visit to Jewry Wall Museum during Sandpit 2

Visit to Jewry Wall Museum during Sandpit 2

LIVE!Museum was launched at the MCG Museums on the Web conference 2009. The project is to explore the possibilities of combining the online with the on-site experience to create a ‘live’ museum environment. This is a flexible environment that changes its appearance and/or content in response to triggers such as events, news items or visitor input.

Collaboration and knowledge exchange are key themes throughout the project and play an important role in both of the project’s two phases. The first phase consisted of a series of events dubbed Sandpits, which took place in June, July and August 2010. During these Sandpits a team of experts on a wide range of subjects, such as culture & heritage, digital media, and design explored the possibilities of the ‘live’ museum. During each Sandpit workshops, site visits, case studies and discussions were used to develop a number of research proposals.

Phase two of the project consisted of a Research Mart on 14 September 2010. During this brokering event the research proposals that were developed during the Sandpits were presented to a larger audience. After several rounds of orientation and discussion the participants were given the opportunity to form project teams around the co-developed research proposals.

Over the following months the project teams will further develop their projects and plan the first phase of the research.

The five research projects are:

I, Object: How can Museum and Heritage Institutions bring in external live content to enhance the object-based visitor experience?

Soundstage: Can we recreate a space, a building, or a site through the use of a responsive, non-linear, non-static soundscape?

Live Tag: How can the principles of social tagging be employed to enable personalized visitor orientation and engagement?

iSay: What are the possibilities and challenges for the use of visitor generated content on- site to enhance dialogue and provide a richer variation of voices?

Smart Space: What is the potential and possible impact of an ‘intelligent’ museum environment that responds to visitor needs and behaviour?

LIVE!Museum is supported by the Museums Computer Group. The principal partners are Collections Trust and System Simulation and project funding is provided by AHRC and BT.

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  1. Jenny says:

    I was so pleased to be a part of this, and I know that it will only get better!

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