MCG Constitution

The name of our organisation is the Museums Computer Group (MCG)
MCG is a non-profit association of individuals who share a common interest in encouraging, promoting, improving and influencing best practice in the use of technology and digital platforms within the Museum and Heritage sector.
The objectives of MCG are:3.1 MEETINGS
To organise twice yearly events and other meetings deemed to be of benefit to the community to discuss the use of technology and digital platforms within the Museum and Heritage sector.

To provide opportunities for formal and informal discussion between members at events and through appropriate online forum.

To co-ordinate and sponsor research and reports relating to the purpose of the Group

To publish online and where appropriate on paper the results of MCG research and reports.

To influence the development of best practice within the sector.

Membership is open to any individual or organisation whose activities are directly connected with the purpose of the Group.Any questions about eligibility will be decided by the Committee.

Membership will consist of the following categories:

4.2.1 Subscribers
A subscriber is someone who is a member of the MCG mailing list.
Subscribers may:

  • Participate in the discussions on the list
  • Raise topics for discussion
  • Participate in MCG research

4.2.2 Individual Members
An Individual Member is someone who has registered their membership and who has not been excluded from membership. Individual Memberships are free and are renewable annually.
Individual Members have the same privileges as Subscribers, and additionally may:

  • Attend MCG Committee meetings as an observer
  • Attend the AGM
  • Propose and second resolutions for the AGM.
  • Propose and second candidates for election as Officers or Committee members.
  • Stand for election as Officers or Committee members
  • Vote on MCG business
  • Get discounts on fees for MCG events including UK Museums on the Web (UKMW).

4.2.3 Corporate Members
Corporate membership is available to any eligible organisation that pays the current corporate membership fee (see MCG Membership Rates). Corporate memberships are renewable annually.
Corporate members may:

  • Nominate up to four representatives from their organisation as members of MCG.
  • Send up to four delegates to UK Museums on the Web (UKMW) free of charge
  • Corporate members will also get discounts on tickets for other paid-for events (such as our regional Spring meeting), priced to allow cost recovery on fixed event costs.

Corporate representatives have the same privileges as Subscribers, and additionally may:

  • Attend the AGM
  • Attend MCG Committee meetings as an observer
  • Propose and second resolutions for the AGM.
  • Propose and second candidates for election as Officers or Committee members.
  • Vote on MCG business
  • Participate in MCG discussions and research projects
  • Stand for election as Committee members providing
    • No more than 3 Committee members at one time are corporate representatives
    • No one organisation has more than ONE corporate representative on the Committee

4.2.4 Honorary Life Members

An Honorary Life Member is someone who has been awarded Membership of the Group to recognise their exceptional service to the Group or to information and communications technology or new technologies in the sector.

The Committee may appoint up to 6 (six) Honorary Life Members at any one time.

Honorary Life Members will have the same rights as members and may additionally attend normal MCG events without charge.

4.2.5 Advisory Group

An Advisory Group member is someone who has been invited to advise, guide and support the MCG Committee and advocate on behalf of MCG, its members and its objectives.

The purpose of the Advisory Group is to act as ‘critical friends’, offering advice as requested on proposed MCG activities, partnerships, research and events, etc. The Advisory Group will meet no more than once a year, but may also occasionally be called on individually for advice in conversation with MCG Committee members.

The MCG Advisory Group is appointed by the MCG Committee following an open call for nominations, and will consist of up to 7 people of good standing within their sectors. Advisory Board members will normally sit for a period of one year and may be reappointed annually by mutual agreement. The Advisory Group has no executive authority or responsibility.

Advisory Group membership does not affect the rights granted an individual through their membership in any other MCG Membership categories.

Where circumstances require it, Advisory Board members may be removed by a majority vote of the MCG Committee. Following such a decision the MCG Secretary will write to the Advisory Board Member concerned advising them of the Committee decision.

The amounts of subscriptions, meetings discounts, the due dates and methods of payment shall be as specified by the Committee in the attached schedules.

The Group will maintain a list of registered members for the purposes of membership administration and events promotion only.

Membership lists will not be provided to third parties nor circulated outside the Group.

5 COMMITTEECommittee members are expected to actively contribute to tasks required to achieve the Purpose and Objectives of the MCG, including attending Committee meetings whenever possible (or providing reports in advance and attending afterwards to actions arising from the meeting).5.1 COMPOSITION
The elected Committee shall consist of a maximum of 12 people – three Executive Officers (the Chair, Secretary and Treasurer), and up to 9 ordinary members fulfilling the research, publishing and organisational roles essential to the Group’s activities as set out in the attached schedule
(See MCG Committee Composition)

The Committee shall have the power to co-opt up to three (3) additional members as it deems necessary to fulfil the duties of the Committee.Co-opted members may be representatives of other organisations.

No co-opted member shall serve for longer than the standard membership periods that apply to Committee members.

The Committee shall meet at least once in every half year.

At least ONE meeting per year shall be face-to-face. Other meetings may be conducted via electronic means including telephone conferencing, video conferencing or other appropriate method.

The Committee procedures are:
• Three officers or ordinary Committee members shall form a quorum.
• Voting at any Committee meeting shall be by simple majority.
• In the case of equal votes the meeting chair will have an additional casting vote.
• The decisions of the Committee will be recorded in the minutes of the meeting.

• Committee minutes will be confirmed at the next Committee meeting and published to the membership.

Committee members are elected for a term of three years following which they must stand for re-election.

No Officer may fill the same post for more than TWO consecutive terms.

The Committee shall have the power to fill any vacancies that arise between Annual General Meetings. Any such changes must be confirmed at the next Annual General Meeting.

To carry out the purpose and objectives of the group in an open, clear and effective manner.

To be responsible to the membership for all decisions relating to the policy, organisation and administration of the group.

The Chair and/or Executive Officers of the Group shall have authority to make decisions on behalf of the group subject to confirmation at the next Committee meeting.

The Committee shall have the power to refuse membership or expel any person for conduct deemed detrimental to the purposes, objectives, character or interests of the group.

In all matters concerning the interpretation of their constitution, or any question not provided for therein, the decision of the Committee shall be final.

MCG is a non-profit association.

Responsibility for the funds of the Group shall rest with the Committee.

The financial year of the Group shall be the calendar year.


The accounts of the Group shall be subjected annually to an independent review by an Independent Reviewer(s), normally a qualified accountant(s), and shall be presented by the Treasurer for approval to the Annual General Meeting following the end of the financial year.

The Committee shall have power to open accounts with any bank or building society in the name of the Group.

Cheques shall be signed by those officers or Committee members specified in the appropriate schedule.
(See MCG Account Signatories)

The Committee shall have the power to employ individuals or companies in furtherance of the purpose and objectives of the Group.

The Committee shall have power on behalf of the Group to enter into guarantees and indemnities, limited or unlimited.

Such guarantees and indemnities shall be signed on behalf of the Committee by those Committee members nominated in the appropriate resolution.

8 GENERAL MEETINGS8.1 GENERAL MEETINGS General meetings are annual or extraordinary.

The quorum at a general meeting will be twenty-five (25) or 10% of the registered membership, whichever is the least.

Annual General Meetings shall be held at a date, time and venue decided by the Committee.

The AGM will normally be held at one of the Group meetings. The maximum period between AGMs shall not exceed 18 (eighteen) months.


All MCG notices will be circulated through the MCG email list or should this not be available a suitable alternative method.

A preliminary notice giving the date, time and place of the annual general meeting, an outline of the matters to be considered, a call for nominations and invitations for further resolutions shall be circulated at least 30 (thirty) days prior to the meeting.

The officers and elected members of the Committee shall be elected by simple majority at the Annual General Meeting.

In the event of a tie the Chair shall have the option of casting a deciding vote.

Nominations must be received by the Secretary before noon on the day before the AGM.

Where there are still vacancies nominations may be made during the meeting.

Where more than nominations than vacancies are received, the Chair will make arrangements for finalising Committee appointments in consultation with the nominees and the Executive Officers.

All those nominated for election to the Committee must, at the time of nomination, be Individual Members or nominated representatives of Corporate Members.

The report of the Committee; the income and expenditure account and balance sheet; and the report of the Independent Reviewer(s) shall be submitted for approval to the Annual General Meeting.

The Independent Reviewer(s), who shall be professionally qualified, shall be proposed, seconded and elected by the members present at the Annual General Meeting.


An extraordinary general meeting may be called at any time by the Committee and must also be called on receipt by the Secretary of a request signed by at least 25 members or 10% of the registered membership whichever is the less.

At least 30 (thirty) days notice of an Extraordinary General Meeting shall be circulated to all members. The business to be transacted at the meeting must be stated in the notice convening the meeting and no other business may be transacted at the meeting.

The Committee may decide the Group be linked to or become a member of other organisations with similar or related objectives to those of the Group.
Amendments to this Constitution shall only be made by a two-thirds majority of the Annual General Meeting following at least thirty (30) days notice of any proposed alteration.10.2 NUMBERING
The re-numbering of sections or subsections of the Constitution consequent upon minor amendments may be made by the Committee without formal notice provided that no change in the meaning of the Constitution is made as a result10.3 SCHEDULES
The Committee may make changes to the Schedules to reflect operational requirements but must seek confirmation of any such changes at the next Annual General Meeting.
Dissolution of the Group may be undertaken only at a General Meeting.

The Group shall be dissolved by a motion for dissolution, which may be proposed by the Committee or be proposed and seconded by two members.

Voting on a motion for dissolution shall be by a two-thirds majority of the members voting.

The dissolution becomes effective after the Group has:

  • Informed all members, and others that need to be advised, of the results of the vote on the motion and of the consequent arrangements
  • Paid all proper debts and liabilities
  • Disposed of all remaining assets in the manner agreed by the general meeting or in the absence of such agreement to a like body which, in the opinion of the Committee, has similar interests.

Any queries should be addressed to the Chair.

This version (2.3) of the Constitution approved at the 2014 MCG AGM on 7 November 2014.

Discounted event tickets for annual memberships apply to the next ticketed event (e.g. UKMW) and continue until the next equivalent event, when a new membership may be registered.

The current MCG membership rates and associated discounts are:


  • Free.


  • Free. Requires online registration.


  • The fee for corporate memberships will be 3.5 times the price of an individual members ticket to UKMW.
  • Covers up to four representatives



  • Free

MCG Spring and Autumn Meetings Fees

Event fees are designed to cover event-related costs, such as catering, venue costs, etc.

  • Individual Members and Corporate Representatives will receive a discount.
  • Honorary Life Members – Free


UKMW (UK Museums on the Web)

Discount Price

  • Members
  • Corporate Representatives
  • Honorary Members

Full Price

  • Affiliate Members
  • Non Members


  • Honorary Life Members – Free


Last Changed 15 Oct 2013.

MCG Committee Composition 2013
(Twelve Members)While all Committee members share joint responsibility for all group activities each member has a primary role. Each functional group should have a primary contact person responsible for that team’s timely completion of tasks, and for reports at the AGM and as required.Executive Officers

  • Chair
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

Ordinary Members

  • Events Team (3 members)
    Coordinating arrangements for MCG events, arranging venues, funding and sponsorship
  • Projects Team (2 members)
    Co-ordination of MCG research papers and gathering expertise and opinion. Includes Professional Development and any other projects as required.
  • Communications (3 members)

Administration and funding of MCG website, wider web presence, publications and promotion.

  • Administration and Membership support (1 member) Responsible for day-to-day operational issues, supporting Committee, teams and members

Last Changed 3 Oct 2013

MCG Account Signatories
MCG cheques require ONE signature and may be signed by:
the Treasurer OR the Chair OR the Secretary.
Last Changed 2 Dec 2010.
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