MCG AGM 2017 – Reports

AGM 2017 Agenda

Friday 3rd November 2017, 1:00pm-2:00pm

Imperial War Museum

Lambeth Road, London, SE1 6HZ

  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Minutes from the last AGM [Wellcome Collection, 19 October 2016]
  3. Committee Reports
    • Chair – Mia Ridge
    • Accounts – Kath Biggs
    • Membership – Kath Biggs [for Jessica Suess]
  4. Operational Reports
    • Events – Ina Pruegel
    • Communications – Alec Ward
  5. Committee Elections
    • Election of new committee members
    • Election of Chair
  6. Handover
  7. Any other urgent business
    • Vote to adopt proposed constitution (Mia Ridge)
    • Election of Executive members of MCG (Chair, Treasurer, Secretary) as first trustees

Minutes from 2016 AGM – download PDF


Reports/Papers so far…


Membership (Secretary’s Report)

In 2017 we changed how we manage memberships and purged our old membership files, removing many duplicate memberships and redundant email addresses. This has reduced MCG’s official membership to 489, but this is hopefully a more accurate representation of professionals who actively wish to be part of the community.

For 2017 MCG has 10 corporate members:

  • Imperial War Museums
  • Museum of English Rural Life, University of Reading
  • National Galleries Scotland
  • National Museum Wales
  • Royal Air Force Museum
  • Science Museum
  • System Simulation
  • University of Cambridge Museums
  • Victoria & Albert Museum
  • Wellcome Collection

[Report by Jessica Suess, UK MCG Secretary 2017]


The MCG’s annual conference was rebranded as Museums+Tech conference and took place at the Wellcome Collection in London on 19 October 2016. It was themed ‘Sharing our stories’ and we had 2 keynotes, 10 presentations, 7 lightning talks.

It was sold out and over 190 people attended. A summary can be found here:


Email List

The MCG community list [] is still an active discussion and collaboration forum.

179 subscribers as of 12/10/2017 – 6% increase [1633 in 2015/16]

1341 posts as of 12/10/2017 – no change [388 in 2015/16]

395 people subscribed as of 12/10/2017 – 2% increase [388 in 2015/16]

123 signed off the list as of 12/10/2017 – 8% increase [133 in 2015/16]

[Report by Andrew Lewis, MCG Committee Member]

MCG Website

The MCG website had 12,554 sessions by 8,387 users. The total page views were 22,465
(stats over the period 12 October 2016 – 11 October 2017)

[Report by Andrew Lewis, MCG Committee Member]

Social Media

Twitter remains the most popular social media platform with 4,127 followers. The platform continues to grow steadily with an average of 40-50 new followers each month.

We have also been using Facebook, predominantly to promote events. Our Facebook page currently sits at a healthy 861 followers – but this is a number we are looking to increase.

Finally, we’ve been using LinkedIn to mostly discuss our events and list discussion topics. LinkedIn offers us an opportunity to engage individuals on a more professional level – as well as share more learning/findings from the discussion list. This is an audience we hope to expand in the coming year.

[Report by Alec Ward, MCG Committee Member]

Urgent Business – Proposed change to constitution/Election of MCG executive members as Trustees [Mia Ridge]

Proposing vote to accept a proposed ‘Association CIO’ Constitution so that MCG can apply for formal status with the Charity Commission.

Association CIO status was first discussed several years ago, earlier discussion is available here and further information on the options are available here.

MCG’s current constitution is available here. MCH has chosen to pursue the ‘Association charitable incorporated organisation (CIO)’ option as it allows MCG to be a corporate body with ‘a wider membership, including voting members other than the charity trustees’.

A commentable version of the proposed constitution is available to read/discuss here. MCG’s core purpose remains: ‘MCG is a non-profit association of individuals who encourage, promote, improve and influence best practice in the use of technology and digital platforms within the Museum and Heritage sector in the United Kingdom, to the benefit of professionals, volunteers, students, and the public.’

Decisions to be highlighted:

  • That the MCG executive (Chair, Treasurer and Secretary) become Trustees when the Association CIO is formed. Association CIOs generally require a minimum of three trustees. We could consider making every Committee members a trustee, but it seems unnecessarily complicated, especially as we find Committee members sometimes need time out for caring leave, etc., and this could lead to a lot of paperwork. As the Executive are already signatories on the bank account and have the most responsibility for managing the Committee and the work of MCG, it formalises rather than changes the role of the Executive. The proposal is that Trustees are elected through the usual process, and become ‘ex officio’ charity Trustees, wit their role as trustee linked to their election to the Executive of the MCG Committee.
  • The Trustees can ‘delegate any of their powers or functions to a committee or committees’. A line to this effect must be (and has been) included in the Constitution to allow Committee members to make decisions on behalf of the MCG. The role of the Committee in running the MCG will remain unchanged, but for the sake of transparency I should be documented by the 2017-2018 Committee.
  • Members can vote via email, should that be necessary in future.
  • The main implication for ordinary members of the MCG is that rather than renewing each year, you remain a member until you resign. We’d provide a form for this on the website so it won’t be hard to resign.

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