Come and celebrate your failure with us!

The MCG are hosting a Failure Swapshop and we’d like to invite you be part of it! The Swapshop is a light-hearted way for us to learn from each other and where the emphasis is not on the failure itself, but on what happened next. We’re looking for two or three people willing to share what you learnt from a business, personal or technical failure with a friendly and supportive group of fellow professionals. The Swapshop will be a small part of the pub meet-up the evening before the Collections Trust & MCG Museum Informatics event.

The Swapshop is all about sharing what you learned from what went wrong. Maybe you were able to put things right or you changed direction as a result.  Sometimes a mistake can lead to greater opportunities or it can create a new focus – let us hear about unexpected outcomes and how you recovered. If you’re curious to find out more, do take a look at a previous and very successful Failure Swapshop that took place at BarcampNFP in London earlier this year with thanks to Luke Williams (@alukeonlife) who devised the format. If you’d like to volunteer to share your #fail with us, please contact Denise at

Whether it was a major fail or something that went just a little bit wrong, from an embarrassing press release, not paying enough attention to detail or any number of possible slip ups, we’ve all been there, and your support as a member of the friendly audience will make a difference! The evening meet-up is generally a great chance to get together – anyone interested in cultural heritage and technology is welcome, whether you’re attending the Museum Informatics event or not.

In the future, we’re hoping to build upon this pilot event which we’ve organised following suggestions from members to have more regional gatherings. Let us know if you’ve any ideas for an event in your area.

When: Monday 3 June 2013, 7 pm for 7.30 pm

Where: Upstairs at Brigantes Bar & Brasserie, 114 Micklegate, York YO1 6JX

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