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The MCG is approaching its 30th anniversary as a group (which personally feels pretty impressive in these times of constant change).  The world has changed quite a bit since we thought about MCG@25 in 2007, so the MCG Committee felt the approach of the group’s 30th anniversary is a good prompt to revisit past discussions and re-affirm our vision for the coming years. How can we support, connect and inspire you over the next few years?

The previous consultation really benefited from the input of our members, and I think has made us a stronger group today. For example, at the 2008 AGM, then-Chair Ross Parry reported, ‘the consultations surrounding MCG@25 strongly suggested that MCG needed to transform itself to make it relevant to the way in which the sector now exploited ICT and New Media. These were exciting times for the group with many opportunities to both develop and influence the sector’. As a result of that consultation, we revamped our membership structure, revised the constitution to reflect new objectives and responsibilities, and re-organised the Committee around the key areas of communications, executive, events and research so it could be more flexible.

By 2009, Ross was able to report that the MCG was ‘starting to respond to key concerns within the sector. Several pieces of work were already underway including the launch of “Live Museum” collaboration between Arts & Humanities Research Council, BT, MCG and the Collections Trust’. Our motto, ‘connect me, support me, inspire me’ has helped focus our efforts in the events and conferences we’ve put on since then, and helped us think about our communication with MCG members.

And now, in 2012, we’re asking you for your thoughts on communication, events and professional development with the MCG. Please take a few minutes to help us make sure that we are more relevant than ever to our members in our 30th year. Our short survey is at One lucky respondent will win £50 in Amazon vouchers!

Our thanks to those who have already taken the survey, or who responded at UK Museums on the Web 2011. We’ll be sharing the results of the survey and the overall MCG@30 process through the year.

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