MCG Spring Meeting – with Culture24 – Brighton – 17th June 2011

‘Go Collaborate’

MCG Spring Meeting in partnership with Culture24 – Brighton – 17th June

Friday 17th June 2011

10am to 5pm (arrival from 9.30am)
28 Kensington Street, Brighton, BN1 4AJ

Now – perhaps more than ever – is a moment for the museum sector to look outwards and see the opportunities for collaboration.

At a time when the sector’s governance is being re-shaped, the funding landscape re-formed and individual services and institutions restructured, the drive for joint ventures and partnership have become more relevant than ever. In particular it is co-operation with the wider arts sector and with the commercial world that seem to demand attention and offer exciting possibilities for everyone.

Alert to this, Culture24 have brought together professionals from across the creative industries to reflect upon and share their experience of working digitally with cultural sector partners. Through a series of roundtable discussions, this day-long meeting will explore some of the evolving models for online collaboration and discuss the existing and perceived barriers and divisions between different sectors and the public/private worlds.

Those in conversation will include:

Andrew Nairne: Executive Director, Arts, Arts Council England
Honor Harger, Director Lighthouse
Kevin Bacon, Digital Development Officer, The Royal Pavilion and Museums, Brighton & Hove
Chris Thorpe, Founder & Technologist, Artfinder
Andy Budd, Director of user experience, Clearleft
Laura Scott, Laura Scott: EMEA External Relations
Freya Murray, Senior Arts Executive, BSKYB
Alyssa Bonic, Arts Manager, BSKYB
Jane Finnis: Director Culture24


9.30 Arrival: tea and coffee
9.45 to 10.00 Welcome: Ross Parry: Chair, Museums Computer Group

Thinking behind the day: Jane Finnis: Director Culture24

MORNING “Working and Living in the Arts Council World”
10.00 to 10.15 Andrew Nairne: Executive Director, Arts, Arts Council England

The future responsibility for museums now sits with the Arts Council and with formal handover on 1st October, discussion, planning and thinking is well underway. Andrew will share with us a brief update on the transition’s progress as well as ACE work on their digital strategy and building digital capacity.

10.15 to 10.30 Honor Harger, Director Lighthouse

‘ LABORATORY LIFE’ – An art-science laboratory led by artist Andy Gracie organised by Lighthouse and The Arts Catalyst. An innovative and unexpected collaboration..

10.30 to 11.30 In conversation: Andrew and Honor with Ross Parry
Andrew and Honor will share their ideas and discuss their thinking and approach to the opportunities of this new joined up world and answer questions from the group.
11.30 – 12.00 Tea/Coffee
12.00 – 12.15 Kevin Bacon
Digital Development Officer, The Royal Pavilion and Museums, Brighton & Hove

Kevin will give us an overview of his work on commercialisation and income generation at the museum.

12.15 – 1.15 Visit to Brighton Museum
1.15 – 2.15 Lunch at 28 Kensington Street
AFTERNOON “Working and benefiting with the commercial sector”
2.15 to 2.30 Artfinder: Chris Thorpe, Founder & Technologist
Chris will introduce their user driven approach and approach to partnerships and building commercial success.
2.30 to 2.45 Clearleft: Andy Budd, Director of user experience at Clearleft
Andy will talk about his work with Lighthouse on the new Digital Festival in Brighton and why generating social capital is important for his business.
2.45 to 3.00 Google: Laura Scott, Laura Scott: EMEA External Relations
Laura will talk about Google work approach to working with the cultural sector, the Arts Project and the new collaboration with Culture24.
3.00 to 3.15 Freya Murray, Senior Arts Executive, BSKYB

Alyssa Bonic, Arts Manager, BSKYB

Freya and Alyssa will talk about SkyArts recent sponsorship of Museums at Night and the new Sky Arts Ignition Series.

3.15 Ice-creams will be served
3.15 to 4.15 Roundtable Discussion: “You can make money without doing evil”, Chaired by Jane Finnis
Participants: Chris, Andy, Laura, Freya, Alyssa, and Honor

Why is the commercial sector so suspicious of commercial partnerships? What can we learn from the commercial sector to help us be more focussed on our users needs and understand what the ‘return on investment’ might be if it is not money.

4.15 to 4.45 OPEN MIC:

‘Shout Out’ about what you are doing: partnerships, collaborations etc

4.45 to 5.00 Wrap-up and close – Ross Parry and Jane Finnis
5.00 End and pub

Download ‘Go_Collaborate’_Agenda (PDF, 99KB)

There will also be a special trip to Brighton Museum with their new Digital Development Officer Kevin Bacon. This will include complimentary tickets to the ‘Radical Bloomsbury’ exhibition .

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